Did we get your attention with this headline? Good! Because this topic is an important one.

The traditional way of selling is dying. No more product – it’s all about making a difference. This might come as a shock for many sellers because it means that after all those years of training and door knocking they have to start all over.

Buyers have changed the way that they source products and services. They are no longer looking for the biggest, fastest, cheapest solution. They want to understand how your product will make a difference to their business, what value they will get and what expertise you can offer.

The way to differentiate and stand out to a buyer today is to show how you understand their problems and how you can solve them. Sellers need to research the prospects industry, understand their challenges and demonstrate how they have solved these same issues for similar companies.

This change of sales technique will require close consultation with your marketing team as it’s their role to identify, research, tailor and communicate specific messages to your target customers. It’s this drip, drip, drip of credible, relevant messaging that will put you in a prime position. By consistently sharing your expertise and the value that it can offer, not only will you find more doors opening, you are more likely to receive inbound enquiries because people want to work with you.

For more information on how to change to a value led sales model please get in touch.