Confused by the title? Allow us to explain. Thanks to the considerable advancements in digital technology, we’re gradually waving goodbye to the traditional printed brochure and saying hello to something much more innovative and creative. Now that’s not to say printed brochures are completely disappearing – they still have their place. We’ve just got something far more exciting up our sleeves that allows for an even more rewarding, interactive reading experience.

For us, it’s all about digital brochures (although the name doesn’t quite do them justice). If made well, they’re actually far more than just a brochure. They’re interactive, they’re fun, they’re engaging and they’re also the perfect online marketing solution that can work wonders for your SEO.

But that’s not all. To prove just how great digital brochures can be, we’ve listed some of the many benefits below that may just encourage you to think twice about whether your business would be better off going digital:

  • A mini website. Digital brochures perform almost like a mini website, with internal/external links easily directing readers to specific pages within the brochure and on your website. With interactive content navigation readers can easily find what they’re looking for and drill down for more comprehensive information.
  • SEO friendly. Digital brochures placed online can be used to drive traffic to your website in order to take it to the top of Google. You can promote them through social media channels, online directories and targeted media websites.
  • Sound & video integration. Embedding engaging content from interactive charts and videos through to sound effects when flicking between pages creates a far more interesting reading experience.
  • Easy sharing. Sharing is simple and can be done via email or via social media sites.
  • Adaptable formatting. Digital brochures are able to adapt for the medium, meaning if someone views one on their phone or tablet, it will automatically reformat itself to suit the device being used.
  • Endless possibilities. Although we’ve focused heavily on brochures, you can also convert other documents to digital, from case studies through to tender documents.

Hopefully we’ve clarified what we mean when we say that sometimes, brochures just aren’t brochures. Well they are, only so much more!

If you really want to ‘wow’ your customers with great interactive content that can also work wonders for your online presence, please get in touch today!