Have you ever considered the mind-boggling array of brand touchpoints out there today? And imagine the dynamics of people that respond to them – all continually bombarded with messages. Your new customers are out there somewhere. But where, and how do you reach them?

If you’ve been scratching your head or becoming frustrated and confused by the seemingly complex world of marketing today and poor results, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

At TPMC, we live in the space of ever-changing marketing and we get confused too! Why? Mostly because much of the automated digital marketing arena is full of jargon and acronyms (confusing for most non-marketers), but also because we know that so many people buy digital marketing services that they simply don’t understand, and which are not always right for them.

As veteran marketers, we know that the fundamentals of marketing remain unchanged, so let’s put all of the noise to one side and go back to basics and simplify marketing.

Get to know your customers

Most small to medium sized businesses know who their ideal customers are – the problem is reaching and connecting with them. You’ll know yourself that your own in-box is full of messages from (mostly) well-meaning people trying to sell to you. How many do you read? Not many we suspect.

If you really know your customers then you’ll know who their customers are and understand the problems that your customers have. If you can solve their problems – simply and efficiently – you’re half way there. But how do you communicate this above the noise of everyone else?

Develop a simple marketing strategy

Short of rugby tackling the people you want to target as they leave their workplace, you need a simple marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy is an essential part of business and marketing planning. It requires the input of key personnel – especially product experts and sales teams – so that you can delve deep into the behaviours and problems that your customers have. And, if you find that you don’t have all of the answers – research should be part of your plan.

Keep marketing simple, focused and direct

At a very basic level, your marketing messages should be speaking directly to each target customer. To do this, you need to know them – their markets, their problems, how they work, where they work, etc.

Be very focused; choose a specific type of customer, market, location, contact type – maybe even start by hand picking a select group of target customers. The contact type is the most important – who do you want to reach, what is their personality type, and where and how do they source information.

Once you understand who you are targeting you can creative focused communications and choose specific channels.

Strategic marketing is a creative process that looks at the entire business and its purpose and objectives, the market place, the needs or pain-points of customers and then outlines the best ways in which to reach those audiences.

TPMC can help you save time, reduce costs and improve results by helping you to untangle your marketing messages by creating a simple and effective marketing strategy – it’s what we are good at!