Despite a surge of digital marketing channels in recent years for industrial, manufacturing and engineering sectors the traditional marketing route is still valued and trusted.

Decision makers in industrial sectors have gained a reputation for being reluctant to change with the times, resisting the temptation to join the digital marketing revolution. This may seem negative but it really shouldn’t be. If traditional methods are still working then why change?

It’s no secret that success in the industrial sectors relies on building relationships. Writing regular customer communications, brochures, direct mail and articles will, over time, make people aware of who you are and what you do. If you can align your output with a strategy that communicates your strengths then you’ll start seeing results.

The Product Marketing Company has worked with a leading HVAC company very closely and we can attest to how traditional marketing is still alive and delivering results.

With over 50 years’ worth of experience in their field, Adcock Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is a heritage company that we have modernised whilst maintaining its traditional beliefs both literally and in marketing terms.

Along with digital channels, including the company website, we have produced a frequent flow of direct mail pieces, brochures, fliers and more, highlighting the company’s products and services. These have contributed enormously to a significant increase in new business and they are now the fastest growing independent in the UK in its sector, leading the also to win the prestigious title of Contractor of the Year award at the 2014 RAC Cooling Industry Awards.

Modern marketing techniques such as emails, content marketing and social media definitely do warrant their place but combined with traditional practices, they are proven to be a winning formula for generating new customers and adding value to your current ones.