It’s taken a fair amount of number crunching but we did it! 2016 was officially our best PR year yet in terms of targeted reach for our customers, achieving a total reach of over 21.2 million through our PR and social media services!

How did we achieve this?

As with all of our campaigns, we start with carefully selecting relevant target groups of people using an integrated approach. This ensures that we reach the right people through a variety of marketing channels. By producing relevant, targeted news and content we then deliver it through multi-media channels including press and media relations, social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and direct digital marketing.

Understanding the media

It’s important to understand that some editors receive dozens (if not hundreds!) of press releases every day so they have to scan an awful lot of subject lines! They look for stories that their readers will be interested in which in turn adds value to the reader, whilst upholding the reputation of the publication. Our understanding of the media helps us to ensure that the right news is delivered to the right place in a timely way.

Good copywriting is essential

Writing a press release in a correct and structured way will help to give a story the best opportunity for selection. In order to stand out a story needs a strong, relevant headline followed by a strong sub-headline which should very quickly explain the essence of the story. The story should be constructed correctly, communicating the facts clearly and openly. Supporting data should always be provided and images need to be high quality and eye-catching, again helping to engage the editor in terms of placing the piece.

Creating press lists

We compile individual press lists for each of our customers and gather data about forthcoming features in order to maximise opportunities. We have built strong relationships with editors so we understand what they are looking for and what their readers are interested in.

We carry the story through to social media platforms and digital marketing communications. Then, through the use of keywords and phrases, we measure the engagement and readership for each announcement.

PR is still one of the most cost effective marketing communications channels

Whilst PR and marketing is never going to be an exact science, targeted, consistent, brand messaging that puts you in front of your audience over and over again will aid brand recall, build credibility and strengthen customer relationships.

We’re pretty pleased with ourselves as you can tell, but if you would like your PR efforts to be as effective, why not get in touch and we will see what can achieve for you!