B2B marketing has grown in prominence and credibility since the advent of social media and online content, but how can we be sure that we’re getting it right?

It’s very important to understand exactly how clients and prospective customers make a choice between different brands and businesses; reasons that include cost saving, efficiency and productivity to name just a few.

While it might not be a novel concept, the fact is that emotional engagement remains the key factor in the decision-making process for people. This means that to be noticed in a digital world businesses need to connect on a personal level.

In a recent study it was found that 71% of buyers who can see ‘personal’ value in a purchase will ultimately buy that product or service.

Response rates soar when content is targeted to specific audiences and although it takes longer in B2B, a strong, value-led relationship can be built over time.

In this time of sparse differentiation, those who take a risk and are proactive will get noticed and those who conservatively stand still will end up going backwards into the B2B background.

Emotional connection must be part of any strategic B2B content plan to ensure that you get noticed and taken seriously.

For more on the importance of emotional engagement in B2B marketing view our infographic showing the difference between business and personal values in decision making.