Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is an essential part of business and marketing planning.  It either sets out the direction that the marketing will take or it may be revised following any change in business strategy or a change to the business model or operations. Other reasons for a new marketing strategy might include:

  • Diversification
  • Entering new markets
  • A change of ownership
  • A change of business name
  • New products or services
Numerous people might be involved in the strategic process from senior management through to sales and operations and of course, marketing who will usually facilitate any strategic discussions or agreements.

Strategic marketing is a creative process that looks at the entire business and its purpose and objectives, the market place, the needs or pain-points of customers and then outlines the best ways in which to reach those audiences.

Once the strategy is agreed, the marketing plan itself can then be written in full, aligned with the strategy and setting out the objectives and outcomes.

Do you need help with creating a marketing strategy?

Setting out a marketing strategy can be really exciting and fulfilling and it will lead to a stronger and more clearly defined plan for the future.

Our experienced marketing professionals can offer you invaluable advice and support in setting out your marketing strategy and creating your marketing plans.

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