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As a Google Premier Partner, our team work hand in hand with the people at the very top of their game in terms of Search engine optimisation (SEO). Our team spend hours, every week, working on algorithms and clever software, to push our customer websites to the top of Google searches.

So, SEO – you hear it all the time, but what does it actually mean?  We will try to keep it simple but essentially there are two parts to SEO – the SEO on your website itself (on site) and the SEO that results from what you do to drive traffic to your website (off site).  If both are done well, your website will rank very highly in organic searches.

On site optimisation is the technical bit of SEO.  To start with the site needs to be developed with good, clean code that the search engines can read.  Keywords (the words that people search for online) need to be correctly placed on each and every relevant page. This includes text, titles, page links, images, tags, descriptions and so on.  Images need to be optimised to respond correctly to mobile devices and sized correctly.  All of these little things are like tuning a car for optimum performance.

Off site optimisation is aided by inbound marketing or content marketing.  This is all of the things that you put ‘out there’ which click through to your website.  This will include PPC, digital advertising, directories, affiliate sites, social media etc.  The more you put out the better the optimisation. PR is very good for SEO as news stories can be covered by multiple, high ranking websites that are themselves highly optimised.

As you can see from the above, there is a fair amount to do to get it right, but with the right help and guidance, we can get your site optimised for you correctly and quickly. You can view some of our customer websites here.

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