Marketing Planning

As most successful businesses will tell you, it’s all about the planning! A strategic marketing plan will help you to maintain focus on your goals and it will keep your costs under control.

Marketing is not just about promoting products and services. It begins with understanding the brand; what does it stand for? why does it exist? what are the brand values and what is its vision?

The marketing plan will combine the brand messaging with the strategic goals of the business, to deliver output that is focused, targeted, understood and controlled.

The marketing plan will include a market review, target market research, SWOT analysis, product definition, tactics, customer marketing, internal marketing and much more.

At The Product Marketing Company, we define strategic marketing as a complete management process for creating, communicating and delivering brand value to customers.

Our experienced marketing team gained all of their experience in senior client side marketing roles, giving them a rich understanding of business and communications. They will:

  • Develop a valuable marketing plan in line with your strategic business goals
  • Evaluate the business branding to ensure it’s in line with goals
  • Identify relevant target markets and define the primary channels
  • Help you to understand how to differentiate from the competition
  • Shape the internal brand environment and culture
  • Define external communications, customer relations, marketing channels, marketing tactics and sales tools.

If you need help with marketing planning, whether it’s for brand communications, a product launch, a new campaign or a full annual plan, please call us today on 01462 432 303.



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