The UK manufacturing sector has had to endure a tidal set of challenges over the last few decades from recession through to emerging competition. Heritage manufacturing brands i.e. businesses that are over 30 years old, have certainly been hit hard and they have had to fight hard to stay in the ring.

However, as we start to move out of recession and confidence rears its head, manufacturers are starting to realise that to survive today they need to stand out and bring their brands into line with a fast moving modern market place.

One business that has just gone through this change is Easypack Ltd, a Hertfordshire based company that was established in 1992 and manufacturers of environmentally friendly packaging systems.

Despite steady growth and an ‘on-trend’, relevant product range, competition has become fierce and in order to maintain and grow their market share both here in the UK and in Europe, they knew that they had to reassess their brand image and how they operate in order to stay ahead of the market.

The Product Marketing Company was selected after a comprehensive selection process due to our experience and understanding of the manufacturing sector. Working with the board of directors, we took them through our ‘Brand Modernisation Programme’ to define who they are, where they want to be in order to pull out their key differentiators and strengths.

The new look and feel of the company has now been rolled out across their UK and European offices including a new set of brand pillars and a complete overhaul of all sale and marketing collateral. A marketing and communications plan was then written to enable them to deliver relevant messages to their target markets, consistently and regularly.