I’ve walked around many manufacturing shop floors over the years and seen some extraordinary engineering and production processes taking place. I’ve also witnessed (and in some cases been part of) many transformations, including the adoption of lean manufacturing and a turnaround in health and safety practices.

Yet still, in 2016, I’m witnessing some archaic methods of both production and administration – including marketing and branding. However, despite age-old methods, these businesses are producing exceptionally high standards of goods – they’re simply not doing so efficiently and nor are they exploiting their skills or markets.

We modernise all kinds of industrials brands and for many reasons, however most of them have the same issues – they know that in order to grow the business they need to invest in modernising – inside and out.

Admittedly, cash is often at the root of the problem – they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. They need more sales in order to justify the investments that they need to make.

Further, modernising a brand is often perceived as being hugely expensive – it’s not surprising then you hear about well-known brands spending millions on re-branding. However B2B marketing is different to B2C and a re-brand can cost as little at £5k! And the results can be transformational.

With Brexit now looming, British manufacturers should step back from their shop front and ask themselves whether they’re brand is polished enough to compete both here and abroad in the coming years and whether it’s time to start to look and work as a 21st century business should.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Vision requires courage. Big ideas, enterprises, products and services are sustained by organisations who have the ability to imagine what others cannot see and the tenacity to deliver what they believe is possible. Behind every successful brand are passionate leaders who inspire others to see the future in a new way.