What’s the magic ingredient that makes a video go viral? Well, it starts with a good story of course – the video needs to make people feel emotional enough to want to share it or talk about it. A video needs to get initial traction through multiple channels, extending the reach further and further.

A good story and great content is essential. It might be funny, original, moving or just incredibly innovative. It should be fairly short, 30 seconds to 2 mins max, and avoid any direct selling.

To maximise reach it needs to be put on platforms that already have high subscribers – YouTube is the obvious first choice, but then there are others that have high numbers of follows; blogs, social media, media channels, email lists, forums, websites, press sites and so on.

Ultimately, the more views you get at the start the quicker the traction and in no time at all off it goes and it becomes viral.

Share, share, share!

Share your video with friends, colleagues and customers, particularly those that have their own wider group of followers. Add the link to your email signatures (all company signatures should include the link). Include a prompt in general emails – “Have you seen our new video?”. The video link can also be included in press announcements because most press coverage will be online as well as in print.

Include the video link in all digital communications i.e. regular email newsletters, digital brochures and interactive presentations.

Push those numbers even further!

Once your video has traction and the numbers are looking good, promote the video again i.e. “our video has now had 50,000 views!”. This will create further curiosity and increase the views even further.

This is a lovely example of a video we created on behalf of Country Properties. They asked us to produce a video to show people how lovely the town of Hitchin is to live in. The people of the town absolutely loved it and so they shared it with all of their friends and to date, across all channels, it has had 150,000 views!

Watch it here and see why it’s so popular.

Remember, a video is for life as it will stay online indefinitely so your initial investment will give you long term returns.

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