Think about it. Your customers are online right now. They are networking, searching, buying and selling, and socialising. In fact, did you know there are now more people on Facebook than there are on Google, with Twitter not that far behind.

So what does that mean for your business? Let me give you FIVE Good Reasons to invest in social media.

Brand Trust

The internet enables us to make better decisions than ever before. We can easily check what a brand has to say about itself, but we can also see what everyone else is saying. Having a manageable platform on which to build trust in a brand creates a wealth of new opportunities which should not be missed.

Great for Search Engine Optimisation

  • Google still dominates the SEO market at 85% – if you want people to find out about your product or company you need to be ranked as highly as possible.
  • Google algorithms are based on popularity; the more popular your website is, the higher it will be ranked. Good SEO is about high-quality links and conversations about your brand and product. The more people that talk about you through social media, the higher your website will rank.

Multi-channel Brand Interaction

In the last 10 years, brand interaction has changed considerably. We now demand more information than ever before. This information helps us to make purchase decisions, it helps our levels of understanding, it makes our lives easier and it encourages us to recognise good brands.

Viral Opportunities

Never underestimate word of mouth. A good story travels quickly; in an instant it can be right across the globe. When your customers, prospects, suppliers and staff are talking about your brand, they are selling for you. Consciously, and unconsciously, they are spreading the word – it’s not rocket science, and it is so much cheaper than conventional advertising.

Brand Loyalty

Digital media allows us to choose which brands, colleagues, friends or family we want to communicate with. Our mobiles are sacred to us, they are on us at all times and they carry a host of personal information. If we choose to let a brand communicate with us in our own time, it follows that we will take the time to consider what that brand has to say.

Food for thought: there are 67 million mobiles in the UK, 30% of which connect to social media sites every day and have opted to receive information from them.

Forward-thinking brands are always with their customers; put yourself in their pocket.