If you were asked to describe your brand, what would you say? Would you describe your logo, products, services, quality and reliability? Or maybe you would start by talking about your heritage. All good stuff, but you would not have answered the question. A brand is not a product, nor is it a service. A brand is the DNA of your business; its personality, beliefs, values and its reason for being.

So, now that you understand what a brand means, do you think you can answer the question? Don’t worry this is not a test but is does make you stop and think doesn’t it? You need to ask yourself; Why are we doing this? What do we stand for? What are we trying to achieve?

Businesses brands have never been particularly creative when it comes to marketing, but rapid changes in technology and communications has forced many businesses to make patchwork changes to the way they market themselves which can ultimately harm the brand.

Time to get naked.

Brand modernisation is not a new logo or a new website. It is a strategic journey that strips the business bare and rebuilds it again in line with a clear brand mission. It is a process that takes time, commitment and vision and it is highly rewarding. The outcome strengthens and defines brands, gives the business future-proofed direction and a new platform for growth.

When should a business modernise?

All businesses will undergo change at some stage in their life. However the primary changes that could affect the brand are:

  • New products or services
  • New target markets or countries
  • A Change of ownership
  • Diversification
  • Addition or change of core expertise
  • The need to attract more expertise
  • Change of location or country
  • Competitive threat
  • Changes to core products
  • The brand has fallen out of date

What will the process involve?

The process will usually begin with an evaluation of where the business is now, what the business does and where the business wants to be. A customer, staff and stakeholder survey will identify brand feelings, aspirations, perceptions and beliefs. A brand story will then be written to define the journey of the business, from inception through to the present and set the direction for the future.

This would be followed with the creation of the new brand guidelines. This will include look, feel, personality, values, divisional structure, tone, and formats for communications. A strategic marketing and communications plan can then be developed which will identify the tools and resources required for the brand launch. From the brand story, you will be able to develop a new website and marketing collateral. All other branded collateral would also need to be updated in line with the new brand guidelines. You will then be ready to implement your communications plan to bring your new brand to life.

How much would this cost?

Brand modernisation is an investment. It will reposition your business, strengthen relationships, attract better staff and give your brand credibility and identity. Costs will depend on the size of your business, but our customers will typically opt to spread the cost over a year, which is the average time it takes to complete the entire modernisation process.

If you would like to know more about brand modernisation we would be happy to discuss this confidentially with you at a time of convenience.