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PRODUCT TYPE: Composite Steel Decking

AMDECK design and manufacture high-grade steel decking for the UK construction industry. They are part of an international group of steel companies with significant heritage.

Originally known as Anglian Metal Deck, the CEO approached us having just taken over the company. The new owners required a full rebrand, new website and a full suite of internal and external communications and branded tools. They wanted to take a ‘local’ and relatively unknown brand and present it as a strong proposition for the UK-wide construction industry.

The team at TPMC renamed and rebranded the company from Anglian Metal Deck to AMDECK in under three weeks. The expert advice, the creative and the delivery were all top notch. We would not have come up with our new name without them, a name which is already making a mark in the construction industry, resulting in significant new business. Thanks so much guys!”

Chad Ward, CEO

So that the business could go to market quickly, we began by writing a comprehensive marketing plan for the business. We recommended a change of name for both the product suite and the business. And so, AMDECK was born and embraced by all.

We then rebranded the company and created a full suite of tools – all completed within a three-week period. With a strong new name and clear messaging, we began marketing the business to the construction industry.

The results have been outstanding with order capacity increasing by around 5000% in just four months. The company went from make a loss at the time of acquisition to an order book of c£1m in just 9 months!

Services provided included:

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