If you’re not already telling your amazing success stories through professional case studies, you’re missing a trick and here’s why. Case studies are a very valuable tool for telling the world how great your products and services are and how they have helped other business. It’s easy to tell people how professional your employees are, how brilliant your business is and how innovative your products are, but case studies are a way of proving that each and every one of those statements are true.

Nowadays, many of us will admit that whenever we look to buy something new, we do our research first. We want to know how credible a business is, whether their customers are happy with what’s been delivered to them and how well their products and/or services are rated by others. Case studies are extremely useful for letting your audience know that your business, and everything it sells, are both reputable and recommended.

Being such a valuable tool for a variety of businesses, there are also many ways to use case studies in order to drive additional revenue.

Here are just 6 ways of using case studies to promote your company and all that it has to offer:

  1. On your website. Whether you create a dedicated page especially for case studies or scatter a number of case study download buttons around your website, you’re immediately making information readily available to interested parties that have already landed on your website.
  2. In your email marketing. If you already have a database of subscribers or contacts, why not send them a copy of your latest case study to tell them about the excellent project you’ve just completed with a new customer. You never know, they may be looking for something very similar. If they’re interested, they may just pop on to your website for more information.
  3. In your newsletters. Case studies make great news, for both existing and potential customers. People love to know what other businesses are up to, especially if projects are particularly exciting.
  4. In the press. The media are always looking for fresh, inspirational stories to share with their readers and case studies are much sought after and make great articles.
  5. In your sales tool kit. If you have a meeting lined up with a potential customer, presenting them with a number of relevant case studies is a great way of letting them know how well you have completed similar projects, if they were on time and on budget, how you helped them overcome a certain challenge and informing them of the end-result. Arming your sales team with case studies will enable them to do their job even more effectively.
  6. In social media. Whether you produce written or video case studies, sharing them via social media will mean that a lot more people hear about the important work that you’ve done. Not only is this great for brand exposure, it’s likely you’ll win even more business simply by proving that you deliver exactly what you promise to your customers.

At TPMC, we can produce professional, smart case studies that tell great stories from start to finish in order to let other people know how great your business really is. What’s more, we can help you share them too! For more information, visit our case studies page.