Whilst most people are planning their festive shopping, how to avoid the in-laws and how far they can stretch their credit card this Christmas, marketers are loosening their money belts to inject a little fun in to their seasonal messaging. Here are 10 fun marketing ideas to do in the run up to Christmas!

Create some festive brand graphics

Firstly, let’s get in the mood and start off by creating some Christmasy versions of your branded comms! Let your design team loose on your email templates, email signatures, logo, website home page and seasonal communications to add some sparkle and festive animations!

Prepare Christmas messages

An end of year newsletter to all stakeholders should be cheery and positive and thank everyone for their support or hard work. Hand write (charity) Christmas cards to customers and maybe send a little gift – maybe a free gift that can be claimed on the website or a promotional code for a Christmas discount.

Record a Christmas video

Be inventive with your phone and gather teams together for a quick ‘meeting’ and get them to sing a Christmas Carol or just to say ‘happy Christmas’! The more of them there are, the more likely they are to do it on the spot! For the show-offs, get them to do their own ‘f-factor’ (fun!) spots! Any fun videos can be shared on social media over the coming weeks.

Take festive photos

There are always those that love ‘selfies’ so get a handful of hats or garlands and take lots of pics in their place of work and put them on social media – people love fun photos (but keep ’em clean and legal and ALWAYS ask for permission to publish online!)

Spice up the Christmas party

If you’re organising the Christmas party, be sure to take lots of photos here (the boss in a santa outfit or worse is great for lots of laughs and future bribery! (and see note above!))

Make content more fun and informal

Bring some humour and fun in to your content – it can still be on brand but a dash of cheer, particularly with your headlines, we help you add a bit of sparkle to otherwise sober subjects.

Support a local charity

Most businesses today support a charity or two and at Christmas, any charitable support is rewarding for everyone. Local charities often struggle to get funds so have a shout out in-house and ask for nominations. You can either donate items or raise money or just donate the profits from a December promotion – every penny helps!

Christmas promotions

Now is the time to offer special promotions in the run up to Christmas; vouchers, discount codes, BOGOF’s, stock clearance, etc. Use eye-catching promotional adverts on all social media channels.

Festive landing pages

Create festive landing pages on your website for promotions, content, news and offers. Announce next year’s new season catalogue or products and link these to your promotional adverts.

Start a Christmas email campaign

Start a 12 days of Christmas campaign countdown on email; collect code numbers for a chance to win a prize, create a series of fun hide and seek special offers, link fun games or animations on each email or just create your own 12 day campaign!

So, what are you waiting for? Get Christmas Cracking and have some well-earned fun this year (and probably a few pats on the back too for your efforts!).

Happy Planning!